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Catching a Swarm

First off, I’d like to say thank you for your patience.  It has been a difficult year for us, but now that spring is here, it is becoming easier to to build hope and joy into our lives after a … Continue reading

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Time & Distance of Farming

I’ll apologize in advance for the tone of this entry.  Recent events have made me view things a bit differently about the time and distance of the farm.  Additionally I have not written lately, so I wanted to touch base … Continue reading

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Checklist for Choosing Your Homestead – Part 2

You’ll find that on the best of checklists there are just things that are missed.  Some are obvious, while others are just surprises – both good and bad. Things we failed to consider that we wish we had: 1.  Financing … Continue reading

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Checklist for Choosing Your Homestead – Part 1

As the rural dreams loom closer to actuality, there are practical measures that must be considered.   From a personal standpoint, the reality of living a rural existence is a far cry from my dreams.  I had a “Gone with the … Continue reading

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Planning to Purchase a Homestead?

Homestead buying?  Here’s an example how not to do it. A reader named Bruce recently asked me how we ended up at the farm.  It’s a story that has elements of warning that I probably should share.  So, here it … Continue reading

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Summer Farm Update

I would rather write about a specific project on the farm, but we have been so busy that I’ll have to catch up on processes later.  I hope this overview will suffice until we catch our breath. This summer has … Continue reading

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Fresh Raspberries

Living in Oregon, we are blessed with an assortment of growing berries. So along with all the fruit trees and gardens, we’ve planted strawberries, gooseberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Our strawberries are well into their harvest, and we’ve enjoyed making lots … Continue reading

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