Winter Blues

When winter hits and the cold weather closes in, sometimes I wonder if our move to the country was worth it. It’s the little things that really get me down. I’m not talking about the hour drive to Eugene to get to the theater or enjoy some clothes shopping.  It’s just …

As I tromp in my mud boots to feed the animals, I miss sidewalks.

As I loose purchase on the clay-based mud and land on my backside, I miss non-slip surfaces.

As the storm clouds open and the fields get flooded, I miss city drainage.

Shivering, as I rush out to the woodpile and refresh the stove, I miss adjusting a thermostat.

Mostly I miss friends drop-ins, and sharing a cup of coffee and conversation.

Yes, I miss that the most.

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3 Responses to Winter Blues

  1. Lucia Weinrauch says:

    Hello there!

    You reminded me of Romania: mud, stove, pigs….he,he. And mostly my friends, that’s exactly what I miss. I live in Germany now, but I’m born in Jamu Mare Romania, we have met there, long long ago! I’m a friend of Daniela.
    Just want to say that you’ve made a great job there – and maybe to drink a “virtual” coffee.

    My best wishes.

    • homestead411 says:

      Dear Lucia,

      I remember you! Wow! Thank you for looking us up! I miss Europe, although I must admit Jamu Mare had more mud than our little farm here.

      I toast you with a virtual cup-o-joe! Maybe this winter we can share encouragement on those long dark winter nights.

      Where in Germany do you live? We have friends from both Germany and Belgium arriving tomorrow.

      All my best,

  2. Lucia Weinrauch says:


    Thanks for the “coffee” !
    Do you remember, we were together to the village “theater” to see a movie with Kirk Douglas? It was a stupid movie! Yeah, good old times! but now the “theater” is gone 😦 ,such as many other things….

    Last year we have decided to move to Germany and we live in Eislingen (Fils) near Stuttgart. We have a little daughter- Aura, almost 4 years old. We hope that she will have a better future here.

    I need encouragement, really ! This new beginning has turned my life upside down, another world, another people, another language and weather! I miss the summer from home… but also brought hope for our little girl.

    It was really good to hear from you, and when the winter comes, well….we’ll have plenty of time to write.

    Have fun with your guests. Ciao,

    P.S. I,m on Facebook, when you like to see some pictures….

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