Wine Making Family-Style

Pinot Noir Grapes on the Vine

Pinot Noir Grapes on the Vine

We were fortunate enough to move to a farm with five well-established grape vines.  And, of course, we have planted a considerable amount of our own in the past five years.  But the grapes that afford us the best wine is the Pinot Noir vines.

Most Americans, myself included, always looked at wine and beer as an adult-only commodity.  Which by our laws, still is.  But in many European countries, youth also consume the fermented fare.  But what about making the wine?  Certainly kids enjoy crushed grapes and grape juice, don’t they?  We give a resounding “Yes!”

Crushing Grapes

Crushing Grapes

So with little hesitation, we corralled our kids to join us in the makings of some great home-made wine and grape juice.  This batch was crushed in the fall of 2009, so as I enjoy a soft, slightly sweet Pinot Noir I thought I’d write this blog.  Below is a little video of the grape crush. (forgive the music, but enjoy the video.)

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