Why Homesteading 411 instead of 911?

Starting this blog feels weird.  As one of millions of my fellow bloggers, I feel a bit exposed an under qualified.  I don’t want to give the impression that I would have special knowledge, the “411”; nor am I qualified to handle homesteading emergencies as in the “911” … but it sometimes feel like emergencies are all we have here at the farm.

I decided what information I have gleaned from experts, fellow farmers, and just plain ol’ trial and error about farming and animal husbandry I would place in Homestead411 because it is all new information to me.  The blogging format allows me to tell stories as well as share insight … even if it is only for an audience of one.

Farm Products

Farm Products

We arrived in 2005 from a city of lights to a rural community in Oregon.  I was a city girl through and through, with a mission to grow my own food and raise my own livestock.  I cannot say that I have succeeded … yet, but I will continue to build knowledge and skill to be fully independent.  The above photo was taken last year of our farm products.  I could not believe the diversity of products and it baffles me still.

To think that in my previous life had skyscrapers of glass and stone:

Singapore (CBD)

Singapore (CBD)

To skyscrapers of Nature:

Organic Corn

Organic Corn

Although life can get lonely here, I prefer the greener skyscrapers.  There are still plenty of activities and animals to keep me busy, not to mention raising four daughters.  Today is only an introduction.  The following blogs will have real hands on, step-by-step canning, farming, bee-keeping information, as well as seed preservation and land management.

I look forward to hearing from other homesteaders and city people – if you care to respond.

Enjoy the land and the fruits of your labor!

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3 Responses to Why Homesteading 411 instead of 911?

  1. Wonderful photos and interesting blog. They are indeed a work of art. May I copy them for my blog? I live in Eugene and have a blog about my experiences and travels in Oregon. I have lived here in northwest all my life, mostly in Lane County. I would like to link to your site if I can have permission to copy a few photos for it. I also have another site called http://www.hammerquist.com where I feature my Real Estate business. Thanks.

  2. angela hanley says:

    awesome pictures and beautiful farm. i just learned of your website today from my father. we are descendents of the Hunts who homesteaded the area. it’s exciting to see where my grandparents came from! thanks, angela hunt hanley
    (father loren wavel hunt, grandfather loren weston hunt)

    • homestead411 says:

      Dear Angela,

      Thank you! I am so happy to hear that your father reads this blog. I will keep it updated more often … I promise!

      “Thank you, Father of Angela! Let me know what news you would like to hear about the farm! I’ll try to provide timely updates.”

      I will post the Hunt cemetery photos, if you’re interested. We donate a weekend every year for clean up. You are certainly welcome to visit the old homestead if you would like.

      I have contacted the Oregon Historic Cemetery Association. They’ve been here a few times. We’re still on the look out for a missing headstone. (Can anyone in the family help us solve this mystery?)

      Thank you again, Angela, for you nice reply!

      Warm regards,

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